Pace of Play and Ready Golf
Pace of Play and Ready Golf
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Last year the Handicap and Competitions Committee investigated Pace of Play and agreed to the following guidelines regarding pace of play.

Pace of play guidelines are maximum times to play golf in the following formats:

Social Golf
Four Balls: 4 Hours or less
Three Balls: 3 Hours 45 Minutes or less
Two Balls: 3 Hours 30 Minutes or less

Competition Golf
Four Balls: 4 Hours 15 Minutes or less
Three Balls: 4 Hours or less
Two Balls: 3 Hours 45 Minutes or less

With the aim of improving the pace of play at SWGC we are asking golfers to play ‘Ready Golf’ when not playing in a qualifying competition or match play.
Ready Golf Rules
• Other than when starting your round, Tee off when those ahead have cleared.
• The player who is ready should hit, not just the player with the honour
• Don’t “cluster” at one ball, go straight to your own ball
• Hit when ready and safe to do so without delay
• Take your practice swings immediately if it does not disturb others.
• If you are the first at your ball and are ready to hit, let the others know and hit it.
• If in doubt play a provisional, and limit lost ball searches to 3 minutes
• Study your putt while others are putting and continue putting until holed out.
• If you can’t score, pick up!

Groups that have lost their place on the course may be asked by the marshal to:

• Catch up with the game ahead
• Miss out the required number of holes to regain their position on the course
• Let through all groups behind that are playing at a faster pace

Additional action may be taken by the Competitions and Handicap Committee if any players lose their place on the golf course and are playing behind the established pace of play.

Competitions and Handicaps Committee


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